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What my team says about me:

"Diana has personality (jokes around) and is flexible."
"Diana is Helpful, a good listener, caring, a team player, dependable, courageous and unselfish.
"Learned in Real Estate, pleasant and always helpful"
"Sharp and a quick learner, always willing to help and will get the job or task done right and in a timely manner."

Hello!  I’m Diana Rivas, a real estate agent in the Tulsa area.  I was born in Texas but have lived in and around the Tulsa area almost my entire life.  Currently, I reside in Owasso with my husband and four kids who range in ages from less than one year to 15 years.  My husband and I both work in the real estate industry but have been involved in it personally through our investment properties.  When we’re not on the lookout for our next investment property you can find us at our kids’ football games or at the movies. 

Prior to real estate I was in the medical field.  I had been in the medical field since I got out of high school.  I have worked in several facets of it… back office, front office, training and management.  In 2014 the company I had worked for, for eight years, closed its doors and I found myself unemployed.  It was because of this that I decided to pursue real estate professionally and not just personally.  Real estate offered me the opportunity to have a career and still be available to my young family.  I have fallen absolutely in love with the profession and it’s just further proof for me that God will close one door so another can open.Through my time in the medical field I learned what true patience, understanding and care are and it’s something I carry with me as I help customers in their journey to home ownership. 

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